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In 2015, rally and racing legend Sarel van der Merwe, in partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, is proud to announce the launch of an epic culmination of the Spirit of Africa Trophy: an International Final. This makes The Spirit of Africa Trophy the first and only 4x4 driving competition with international status.


The 2017 Spirit of Amarok International Final took place once again at Goerapan Lodge in the Kalahari from the 13th to the 18th of August 2017. The top teams from each of the participating countries - Australia, Botswana, Germany, Namibia, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom - competed against each other to reveal the international 4x4 champion team of the ultimate test drive.


International finalists from the Southern African countries were chosen from the Spirit of Africa elimination rounds which took place in Zeerust between April and June this year. Australia held their own elimination rounds, which revealed the top three teams to represent their country in the international final in the Kalahari in August. Germany, Russia and the UK teams battled it out in their respective countries and selected each of their three teams to send to the Kalahari.

Winner of the 2017 Spirit of Amarok was South Africa with 7212 points followed by Namibia with 6246 points. Russia came third with 4797 points followed by Australia with 4437 points, Botswana with 4028 points, United Kingdom with 3778 and lastly Germany with 2973 points.


The toughest 4x4 competition in Africa has just become tougher by expanding the playing field. Do you have what it takes to be the international 4x4 champion of the ultimate test drive? If you would, go to our Eliminations Booking page and choose your options and you could be our 2018 Champion!

The 2017 International Teams



Winning Australian team - Bradley and Karen Gilbert

Winning Russian team - Vladimir Kurov and Igor Travenyh

Winning Namibian team - Alwyn and Melanie Jordaan

Winning Botswana team - Brynn Morgan and Chris Manger

Winning South African team - Juan Grant and Marius Henn

Winning United Kingdom team - Raffaele Chioetto and Zanus Urmonas

Winning German team - Helge Witt and Maximilian Rosch (absent)

2017 International Spirit of Amarok Champions and winners of the Wolf Trophy - Juan Grant and Marius Henn of South Africa

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