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About the Spirit of Afica

The Spirit of Africa .....

Sarel van der Merwe, a legend in South African motor racing and rally circles, created the Spirit of Africa Trophy with a view of providing the "average" driver with an opportunity to test his/her ability in offroad driving.


In 2014 the Spirit of Africa celebrated its 10th year as the "toughest 4x4 challenge in Africa". During the first 5 years, Mitshibishi provided the Spirit with vehicles such as the Colt and Triton 4x4's. Lately, VW South Africa have taken over as the main sponsor utilising their Amarok single and double cab vehicles. The Spirit was chosen to launch the Amarok during the 2010 event to provide feed-back to the manufacturers on how the Amarok would stand the test of the severe African offroad conditions.


During 2010 the vehicles faced the harshest Kalahari desert pans, with temperatures in excess of 50 degrees C, and came out tops with high praise, not only from Sarel, but from the contestants themselves.


The Spirit will continue with the Amarok as its marque and contestants can enjoy a test drive of a lifetime with this phenominal vehicle.


The Spirit of Africa is the ultimate test of 4x4 skills. The annual competition was especially created for drivers who want to test their skills against the toughest African conditions and other serious 4x4 teams.


Legendary racing driver, Sarel van der Merwe, host of the Spirit of Africa, chose the Volkswagon Amarok in 2010 as the official vehicle of the event. It's a testament to his impeccable off-road credentials that he selected the toughest 4x4 to tackle the toughest 4x4 challenge around.


The elimination rounds of 2015 will take place, once again, near Zeerust in North West Province from April 23 to June 15.


The competition offers you a chance to try your hand at the wheel of a VW Amarok on a course designed by Sarel van der Merwe. If it is the thrill, the buzz of adrenaline, pitched with driving over climbs, tight twisting turns and testing your driving skills then this competition has it all!


Our friendly marshalls will guide you on the course giving encouragement as you go.


The elimination rounds run in groups of 20 teams over a 3 day period, there are 18 to 20 excercises which include speed tests, reverse tests and technical driving tests.

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